An appeal to the Chief Justice
March 2, 2021
Electronic Health Records
March 12, 2021
Letter to Editor
I must record my highest respects and appreciations for ‘Anjuman Dawat-o-Azeemat’, an unknown women’s organistion in Chitral for speaking up and registering a case against an MNA in his fifties for reportedly marrying a 14 year old girl. One must also thank Pakhtunkhwa Civil Society Network (PCSN) for raising this issue. Sadly, these two voices stand out in sharp contrast to the pin-drop silence of most Child Rights Commissions, Bureaus, Authorities and Human Rights organisations.
The matter was also briefly touched upon in the Parliament, but never taken to its logical conclusion. Rape is an issue of power and politics and thus the powerful will remain untouched by their contacts, purchasing power and ability to create fake affidavits. We saw that in the case of 13 year old Arzoo and now this 14 year old Chitrali girl.
I would like to ask the government to not let this matter be hushed up at the local SHO level but to look at the broader picture. This is not just a case of underage marriage, but also suggests traces of child trafficking and sale of girls.
In the meantime, should the civil society not demand that this child abusing MNA be restrained from functioning as an MNA and legal proceedings initiated against him for rape and child marriage.
Naeem Sadiq
** Please note that you you too could help eliminate child abuse if you were to raise your voice by writing to the Press, to Human Rights Ministry, to National Commission for Child Rights, to Speaker National Assembly, to IG Police KPK etc, whose addresses can be easily found on google. Any comments, Likes or Reactions on FB are useful elements of catharsis, but can do little to deliver justice to the 14 year old girl child.