Governance Reforms

November 17, 2020

Stop modern day slavery at Petrol stations

Mr. Haroon Rashid Chief Executive & Managing Director Shell Pakistan Limited (SPL), Shell House,   Dear Sir, Minimum Wages and Registration with EOBI and SESSI : […]
November 18, 2020

Appeal to Chief Justice to strike down a discriminatory and militancy promoting SRO

Mr.Justice Gulzar Ahmed                                               […]
November 19, 2020

What you make and what they get

Managing Director and CEO                                                         19 Nov.2020 Pakistan State Oil, PSO House, Karachi. Dear Syed Muhammad Taha, Minimum Wages : PSO Petrol Stations. Let me begin by […]
December 11, 2020

Cruelty, exploitation and slavery meted out to the underpaid workers

Chief Minister Sindh                                                […]
December 11, 2020

Let Jinnah rest in peace

Prime Minister of Pakistan                                              […]
December 21, 2020

Jinnah writes to the Prime Minister

Jinnah writes to the Prime Minister Naeem Sadiq Express Tribune, 20 December, 2020   Dear Prime Minister, I had to bid farewell soon after completing  my […]
December 24, 2020

The Minister and the Secretary should be in jail

Dear Secretary Salaam I am thankful for your phone call.  In order to give substance to the corrective actions you mentioned, I would like to clarify […]
January 9, 2021


Factlessness How come even a week after the tragic incident of Quetta killings and what seemed a century of prolonged wait, emotional outbursts and political point […]
January 18, 2021

The rape of Sea View Beach

Let Sea View Beach be a peaceful and civilised place for ordinary citizens, families and children. Please write to IG police, Darakhshan Police Station and Cantt […]
January 18, 2021

Modern Slavery

Modern slavery Naeem Sadiq He leaves home at 7 am every morning, for a 12 hour duty that begins at 8 am and ends at 8 […]